1 Jun 2020

Are you from here? 

In the west coast of Canada where I've lived for the last eight years, I have the fortune and misfortune of being just another Asian nobody. It's a weird minority to belong to since the stereotypes aren't the worst, at least relatively speaking and especially not where I live. When I feel discriminated against or disadvantaged unjustly, I am hesitant to blame the colour of my sk...

17 May 2020

I believe we happen upon books we are meant to; and when the stars align, these books can change the course of our lives forever. It's magical, really. Or maybe, more likely, we project onto them our narratives and walk away with what we need or want. That's fine too. Either way, I'm glad I came across these two books this month: Daring Greatly by Brené Brown and What Happened...

3 May 2020

I had a pretty bad week and I wouldn't be surprised if you did too. These are uncomfortable and unprecedented times. The numbers look bad, the internet looks worse, and worst of all is the line at Costco. Amidst all the sirens, I had an 'aha' moment thanks to a couple of quotes in passing conversations:

The fun thing about alcohol in a quarantine is that you never know how...

19 Apr 2020

Growing pains – I don’t think they call it that anymore. I sip my coffee not to uphold an appearance but to feed my deteriorating body. Insomnia joins my bed with a sign that reads, ‘don't fall asleep during your meeting tomorrow!’ Oh, meetings. With a queue outside my office door and angry emails left unanswered, I leave a small note: Back on Monday.

As I hop on a cab at 5am I ask myself what cha...

12 Apr 2020

With social distancing in order, I think we appreciate now more than ever our access to the world through our fingertips. Technology keeps us informed, entertained, and connected. Most of the time we feel better for participating virtually - reading a NYT article, watching a Netflix docu-series, or having a Wine Wednesday with our friends. We've implemented systems to maximize our gratification of...

29 Mar 2020

This pandemic cost me my vacation, my yoga studio, and then my job. I grieved most over the yoga studio (though admittedly the stress of unemployment has not yet sunk in). It was a 25-year-old establishment in Vancouver and a place many called home. It was where I met my favourite instructors, where I fell in love with the practice, and where I gathered with friends to breathe. Twenty-five....

25 Sep 2019

The Third Act of a play tells a story of resolutions. In the aftermath of the theatrical character development in Part II, we typically see the protagonist tie loose ends, conclude dramatic feuds, and walk away with a newfound sense of who they really are. In a predictable fashion, my three-year journey with clothes played out this storyline to the tee. 

I reread...

4 Sep 2019

Every year around Spring I publish a few blogposts before the site goes into its annual winter hiding. It would be poetic to attribute my inspirations to the fresh air, but in actuality it's because I get billed $300 for the upkeep of my website in June. I get an email alert about this in May. I thus start writing again in May. I wrote one post in 2018 and a few more the year before. With unemploy...

7 Jul 2019

I gave myself twenty seconds to reflect on my seven years in Vancouver. One degree, six apartments, and seven jobs - these were the nouns that popped up. To put in less glamorous terms, the three things that came to mind were my boring nights in libraries, the torturous boxes and moving trucks, and my means of putting food on the table. Is this not a little sad? I wish my instincts were to define...

13 May 2019

When we're young we want to be older. At six you want to be twelve just because, at twelve you want to be sixteen with a driver's license, and at sixteen you want to be eighteen outside the walls of your parents' home. Then at eighteen you realize being an adult isn't glamorous at all and you want to be six again, but you eventually figure it out and by the time everything is fine you're suddenly...

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April 19, 2020

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June 1, 2020

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