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What Unemployment Is Like

September 4, 2019

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TRAVEL || Diablo Lake

July 11, 2017

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25 Sep 2019

The third act in a story typically suggests resolutions. In the aftermath of the theatrical character development in Part II, we typically see the protagonist tie loose ends, conclude the dramatic feud, and walk into the sunset with a newfound sense of who they really are. In an incredibly basic and uninteresting fashion, this is exactly how my journey accidentally played out in the last three yea...

4 Sep 2019

Every year around Spring I publish a few blogposts before the site goes into its annual winter hiding. It would be poetic to attribute my inspirations to the fresh air, but in actuality it's because I get billed $300 for the upkeep of my website in June. I get an email alert about this in May. I thus start writing again in May. I wrote one post in 2018 and a few more the year before. With unemploy...

7 Jul 2019

I gave myself twenty seconds to reflect on my seven years in Vancouver. One degree, six apartments, and seven jobs - these were the nouns that popped up. To put in less glamorous terms, the three things that came to mind were my boring nights in libraries, the torturous boxes and moving trucks, and my means of putting food on the table. Is this not a little sad? I wish my instincts were to define...

13 May 2019

When we're young we want to be older. At six you want to be twelve just because, at twelve you want to be sixteen with a driver's license, and at sixteen you want to be eighteen outside the walls of your parents' home. Then at eighteen you realize being an adult isn't glamorous at all and you want to be six again, but you eventually figure it out and by the time everything is fine you're suddenly...

6 Apr 2018

In June 2017, I dumped all the items from my closet on to my bed, held each piece in my hands one by one (as instructed by Marie Kondo in the book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up), and housed only those that I loved back into my closet. After this exercise, I counted what I ended up with and compiled the following list:

Tops - 43

Pants, shorts, and skirts - 33


17 Sep 2017

I often catch myself reciting lists. Someone will ask me "what's new" and I'll respond with a variation of the following: Umm, let me think. What did I do weekend? Oh! I hosted a small dinner get-together this weekend! Aside from that, the usual, I worked, did my laundry, went for Sunday brunch.. so I mean I'm pretty busy, but you know, good-busy. 

Let's talk abou...

21 Aug 2017

Just a few months ago, I was living in a 300 sqft studio apartment with floor-to-ceiling clutter and very little room to breathe. It was all I could afford. For other students, it was a place they couldn't aford. And for others, of course, it was a laughable dorm room. The space was barely enough to contain my possessions accumulated over a span of fiveyears, despite so, I was quite fond of the co...

7 Aug 2017

I'm supposed to be on a shopping ban... but of course I went into Winners to see what new galores they had. More marble decor? Some placemats for the dining table? The Le Creuset pot that I've had my eyese on since last week? Yes, yes, and yes. They still had the pot, and yes, now I am $225 short for my next rent cheque.

I also bought a notebook. After seeing the price tag of the pot, I said fuck i...

11 Jul 2017

I can't stand bugs nor can I be without my phone for more than a couple of hours, but there I was, in the wilderness with zero reception, only 48 hours after committing to a 3-day camping trip with my friend. Instead of merely listing the things I did (which was not very much), I am summarizing my experience in one word: yes.

Just say yes. Enthusiastically, even when you're hesi...

1 Jul 2017

If this is first visit to Naoadays, welcome! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you stick around. This blogpost might be a little confusing for you, so you miiiight want to start HERE instead. The link will direct you to a page with an overview of my shopping ban and why I'm embarking on this journey.

June was a roller coaster of emotions. Wanting to shop but knowing that I shouldn't was e...

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