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He is Not the One

No new pictures nor numbers on your phone, just blisters on ankles and a stamp on your right wrist. Twas too long of a night to recollect even half of it, am I right? I know because I was there too. As you lie in bed alone at 8am because he already left, do you recall my voice saying, "don't do it"? It is now an encounter you can't take back. He is quite literally a stain on the sheets.

My phone buzzes again.

He said I'm not the one.

And for that, he is not the one for you. He who does not fall head over heels for you? Please don't give such a boy anything -- not your body, not your time, and most definitely not your heart. Because he may text, but he will never call. He will list all the reasons why he has no time, when really, he simply is not wise enough to put you at the top of his list. Don't you see? You deserve so much more. But my desperate appeals pass through one ear to another because you are too stubborn, just like me.

I just don't get it.. He seemed interested. I thought I knew him.. And I thought I knew what he wouldn't do to hurt me. But then he goes and does this. I knew it wouldn't end well but then he'd tell me I'm special and shit. And I'd believed him.. I guess I thought I could change him? Help him, or something.. make him want more than just a fuck. I thought I could get him to care again. I don't know..

Be bitter. Be mad, because his existence became another brick in the wall shielding your heart. Don't blame yourself. Don't doubt yourself. Let yourself be the victim of this heartache, because he is too convinced of his own correctness and will never realize the wrongs he's done. Objectify him if that is what it takes to forget. Just another guy. Just another someone who fucked and chucked. So stop pursuing him, as he is not your key to happiness.

What a joke. He whined so much. He practically put on theatre productions about how people fucking leave. But in reality, he's the one pushing people out the door before anything remotely real happens. Can I please text him one more time? I really need to tell him he's an asshole.

Be better. Be glad, because you don't need the darkness he brings to your heart. Because you see, the one whom you are supposed to be with won't tell you how pretty you look in the silence of your room, but instead he will flaunt you for the world to see. He will smile at you as though everything else to him is a blur. He will get jealous, but only the perfect amount and he won't be scared to admit it. Most importantly, he will walk you home, kiss you good night, and find his way to the nearest bus stop.



Dreamer, 26

Vancouver, BC, Canada



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