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Blinded by Love

Movies are like one-night-stands. They end too soon and I'm left wanting more without knowing what it is that I want. I'll feel indifferent, or worse, I'll fall in love with fictional characters that abandon me after 90 minutes. I can press repreat, and I usually do, in an attempt to replay the gush of emotions that poured out with each lust and heartbreak. At the end of the night though, they're gone. There will be no new excitement, no curiosity, and no disappointment. So I don't like movies.

But when it's raining and I just don't feel like putting on real clothes on a Saturday night and I'm feeling a bit adventurous, I might watch a movie. Last night was one of those nights. I sat through a love story between a talking bear and a dysfunctional couple.

I just don't understand why the pretty girl with a successful career and a nice apartment in a big city went back to the pothead who had no real income nor any life skills to guide himself to a different direction. I thought she could do better, her friends thought she could do better, and her boss also thought she could do better. This made me wonder, how often are we blinded by love?

A friend of mine is currently dating someone who secretly set up his fingerprint as one of her phone's Touch IDs. Her apartment has a hole in the wall because he threw a fist when they were arguing about some boy she was texting. Might I add, he also made a copy of her house key a week into dating, saying, "it's good to keep an extra in case you get locked out." She already had an extra. The list of crazy goes on.

Her excuse alluded to love and what once was and thus what could again be. The girl in the movie essentially said the same thing despite not having changed after the many times he said he would. They get married surrounded by fake smiles, and that's when the closing credits roll in. 90 minutes spent and I will never know if the pothead got his life together. See, they end too soon. They end before I know they really did live happily ever after. They end before I can figure out if it's okay to let love blind us - if it really is more blissful to be ignorant. See, movies are like one-night-stands. You don't really know the people in your bedroom and they leave before you find out. So I don't like movies. They are temporary and short-lived. They are delusional and a fantasy, and that's not a way to live.



Dreamer, 26

Vancouver, BC, Canada



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