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#100happydays VIII

Disclosure: I've slacked off with the #100happydays project of mine. The whole idea of the challenge is to consistently show the world that happiness is everywhere, even on the shittiest days. I had gone 33 days when I got "too busy" to continue with the project, just like the 71% of the people who quit for similar reasons according to the 100happydays website (to be honest, my statistical background totally doubts the validity of this number but whatever). Even though I did take a quick break from writing, there was never a day that passed where I didn't reflect on my everyday adventures. Here's a quick run-down of my past four weeks to catch you up:

1. We celebrated Gabby's 23rd birthday one Saturday night. For once, I was the responsible drinker... who knew that was even possible. The both of us have such busy schedules that we never get to see each other, let alone get drunk together, so this was such a nice change of pace.

2. So many successful bake sales back-to-back! Homemade cookies are cupcakes can turn any day around. As well as coffee. I started drinking coffee again and it's bad. I'm talking multiple espressos a day. Makes me happy though, so please don't take this away from me.

3. I went on a spontaneous shopping spree. I maxed out my credit card for the first time in my life.. I thought that only happened on TV.. It was a great stress-reliever though! Snatched a lot of great deals and adorable dresses, so, yay?

4. I had a lot of fun at Score Out Arthritis and I think everyone else did too! That is honestly the only thing I ask for as an organizer. As stressful as the four weeks leading up to the event was, seeing everything run so smoothly in the end and having the luxury of watching the games (instead of running around stressing out about anything) made it all worth it. A huge thank you to everyone who made this event possible, including everyone who came out and played the beautiful game.

5. This past week was actually a lot less stressful than the previous few. I caught a cold and was able to ask for a sick day, which I think was exactly what I needed. Stay in bed for 24 hours and then get back to my routine. It might sound a little sad that I'm oddly happy I got sick, but it's really not. I needed people to know I wasn't okay (without blowing up on people's faces) and I also needed to remind myself to take on less and to set aside time for myself to breathe. For a while there, I was working 45+ hours, going to school, dedicating 25+ hours to sorority life and event planning, volunteering a few hours, and somehow fitting eating and sleeping into that schedule every week. I obviously wasn't doing the latter two and my body broke down this week. Fair enough. I'll be back to normal in a few days though, I promise!



Dreamer, 26

Vancouver, BC, Canada



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