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My Summer Schedule

When I launched Naoadays last summer, I hesitantly decided to market myself on Instagram as a 'lifestyle blogger'. This didn't sit well with me at first because, well, I'm not a lifestyle blogger. My life is far from picture perfect and not at all eventful enough to be a brand of its own (hint at my failed #100happydayschallenge), but I figured I can attempt at becoming just that - the girl who hikes with a go-pro on a Sunday morning, followed by hours of health-conscious cooking, and at night, sipping on a cup of tea while finalizing her blog post about her day. That only lasted a few months. Yes, I am aware that we all have the same number of hours in a day as Beyoncé, but by the time school and work kicked in, it felt utterly impossible to portray a life admirable nor engaging enough to my internet friends. To give you an idea, my weekly responsibilities looked like this last October when the Naoadays started to fall apart: - work 1 (30hrs) - work 2 (10hrs) - school & studying (10hrs) - sorority meetings (6hrs) - leadership position (20hrs) - gym (4hrs) I also had to find time to eat, sleep, clean, and drink (alcohol) on a semi-regular basis. So of course Naoadays eventually made its way off my to-do list. As summer approaches, I'm look forward to another work-hard-play-harder schedule: - work 1 (25hrs) - work 2 (5hrs) - school & studying (30hrs) - leadership positions (10hrs) - gym (5hrs) - naoadays (5hrs) People ask me why I put myself through such hell, and I honestly wonder the same thing. I guess I function better when I have more on my plate? What would I even do with myself if I only had 40 hours worth of responsibilities? I would be so bored. Oh, and notice the last two items on my list? I'm looking to add those back into my weekly routine, and the Internet shall hold me accountable for it.



Dreamer, 26

Vancouver, BC, Canada



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