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OOTD || She Missed Her Flight

I threw on a wrinkled white t-shirt, my newly thrifted green sweater, and a pair of grey soft leggings. It was just one of those days. You know, one of those days where you wake up tired because your sister called you from Mexico at 10pm the night before, wailing about how she missed her flight back home. After lots of coerce language and depleting my savings by $3000, I was back in bed at 1am. So my outfit today accommodated for the stress of last night. Comfy, warm, and clean. No patterns and no distractions. Simple. Despite Friday being a day that everyone looks forward to, I couldn't be happy at all. As I hurried over from my day job to my bartending shift, I stewed in anger and anxiety about the amount of money wasted due to poor planning. And I think that's okay. I'm in touch with my emotions and that's honestly a blessing in disguise. If you're having a bad day, put on a chunky sweater and some comfy leggings. Top it off with a necklace or another jewelry so that you can look down and see something sparkly. If someone asks, tell them you're going for effortless but fashionable. Treat yourself to a $5 cup of coffee because you got out of bed even on such a day. Get a cookie. Text a friend. Go out for lunch. Check something off your to-do list and feel good about yourself. Take a deep breath and remember that this too shall pass.



Dreamer, 26

Vancouver, BC, Canada



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