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Romanticizing 'Busy'

I often catch myself reciting lists. Someone will ask me "what's new" and I'll respond with a variation of the following: Umm, let me think. What did I do weekend? Oh! I hosted a small dinner get-together this weekend! Aside from that, the usual, I worked, did my laundry, went for Sunday brunch.. so I mean I'm pretty busy, but you know, good-busy.

Let's talk about romanticizing 'busy'. A train of thought that runs something like this: Person A is soooo busy. Person A juggles a social life with school, work, hobbies, chores, and still manages to sleep 6 hours a night! She or he must be living life right. What a successful and fulfilling life Person A is living! Person A must be happy.

I only realized how dangerous this mentality was when I became sick. I took the day off , slept a couple of extra hours, got up, vacuumed, re-organized my cupboards, messaged friends I hadn't seen lately to set up coffee dates, went back under the covers for another couple of hours, ate, put on my fake lashes and went to my other job where I bartend at night. I was just as bad as Person A.

It's 10am on a Sunday morning and I've already exhausted my CandyCrush lives, had breakfast, scrolled through the front page of Reddit, drank three full glasses of water, and started and finished writing this blopost. Meanwhile, my friend is still asleep, interfering with my schedule of things to do and places to take her around the city. I suppose I could learn a thing of two from her - visiting from overseas and still prioritizing sleep over busy.



Dreamer, 26

Vancouver, BC, Canada



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