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Pursue Happiness

You and I know damn well how hard it is, but let this be the year everything changes. It found you only to leave you shortly after, and this recurrence stole your wide-eyed innocence along with your hopelessly romantic ways. For far too long you let history repeat itself. But no more. Grab your favorite color marker and circle the date on your calendar, because today isn't just any other day. Today is the day you decide to pursue happiness.

Chase it, capture it, collect it, whatever happiness disguises itself to be. Sing on your way to work, buy that pair of leather pants, open that bottle of wine and bake that batch of brownies. Compliment yourself with words you use to describe Emma Watson and complement yourself with gorgeous jewelries. Listen to Socrates when he tells you to know thyself. Learn what makes your eyes sparkle, your toes curl, and your heart skip a beat. Learn thyself, over and over. Learn happiness, over and over.

Say hello to it, if happiness lies inside a thumping heart. But be smart about it. Invest only in what is more than your own worth, and let me tell you now, you deserve a love much greater than you know. Slowly but surely accept that and wave goodbye to roses with thorns. Surround yourself with those who care about you, and reciprocate that love in forms of proper hugs. The kind where your breasts get smashed down by the counterpart, and each breath longer and slower.

You and I know too damn well, happiness is finite. Let that not scare you however, rather let it be a reason to treasure every moment of it.



Dreamer, 26

Vancouver, BC, Canada



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