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I'm Moving

I gave myself twenty seconds to reflect on my seven years in Vancouver. One degree, six apartments, and seven jobs - these were the nouns that popped up. To put in less glamorous terms, the three things that came to mind were my boring nights in libraries, the torturous boxes and moving trucks, and my means of putting food on the table. Is this not a little sad? I wish my instincts were to define myself by the things that actually give me joy, like the names of my favourite people and restaurants.

On average, we spend 35 hours a week at work. Let's say we sleep for another 35 hours, spend another ten on minuscule household chores, and likely another five hours in traffic. That's already half of our weekly allowance of 168 hours. So what are we doing with the remainder of our time and why aren't they the things we define ourselves with?

My decision to move to Victoria (BC) is my attempt to prioritize the remainder of that 83 hours. There's that one particular man's career which is of great influence here, but that's not really the point. I had a choice to stay for a job that I loved or to relocate for someone I adored. Me. Just kidding. But not really. I'm doing this for myself as much as I am for him. Vancouver ranks top as the city I've lived in the longest, so a mild change is overdue.

I say 'mild' because, though as young as I am, I'm starting to find stability increasingly comforting. Having a yoga studio outside my doorsteps, walking to Granville Island to pick up some cheese, and drinking wine with my bestie on a weeknight - these have become somewhat of a routine and I prefer to endure only so much change. Hence we chose Victoria. A city only three hours away with a similar hippie-liberal culture, with a possibility to create even tastier charcuterie boards sourced from local shops and markets. I also hear its a different pace down south. An unreliable transit system in a city coined as the 'most bike-friendly place in Canada' - sounds like somewhere I could re-learn to drive. Less rain. Pet-friendly apartments. Parks. I'm not sure that I've ever walked barefoot on a field of grass in Vancouver. Maybe that can change.

What's next, you ask? I'm learning to proceed slowly, adjusting prematurely to the island time. I'm here for the remainder of July and giving myself the following month to settle into our new home. I'm looking to expand my list of favourite people and restaurants, so please reach out if you have any recommendations. Alternatively and especially if you're already on this list, please consider moving to the island with me.



Dreamer, 26

Vancouver, BC, Canada



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