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Counting My Clothes | Part III

The Third Act of a play tells a story of resolutions. In the aftermath of the theatrical character development in Part II, we typically see the protagonist tie loose ends, conclude dramatic feuds, and walk away with a newfound sense of who they really are. In a predictable fashion, my three-year journey with clothes played out this storyline to the tee.

I reread the last two posts of my 'Counting My Clothes' series so that you don't have to. In June 2017, I was getting painfully acquainted with a shopping ban, where I forbid myself from purchasing unnecessary items. I had a total of 152 items, not including nightwear, bras and underwear, socks, and athletic items (aka, Act I, set up). By April 2018, I had downsized to 95 items and shared with the readers two realizations from my minimalism journey (aka, Act II, character development):

1) fluctuations are natural during any progress; and,

2) you can live with less without even realizing it.

It is now September 2019 and my closet looks like this, with numbers in brackets showing how much I gained or reduced in the last 18 months:

Tops - 27 (+2)

Pants, shorts, and skirts - 16 (-5)

Sweaters, sweatshirts, and cardigans - 18 (+7)

Dresses - 23 (-7)

Coats and jackets - 14 (+6)

A total of 98 items. I was surprised to see the total number being comparable to last year, yet with notable fluctuation amongst different categories. I attribute these changes to an increased awareness for my clothing needs. Take for instance, the 'pants, shorts, and skirts' category. Though I don't have the exact number of pairs of pants I bought this year, I know with certainty that it was more than five. Despite that, the number in that category decreased by five. After some thought, I recalled letting go of a few skirts because I rarely reached for them. With the same logic, a few dresses went out the window because Vancouver had a chilly summer. I gained a few coats and jackets when my job title changed, resulting in an increase in the number of blazers.

In an attempt to walk into the sunset with 'a newfound sense of who I really am' (aka, Act III, resolution), I feel that my numbers, and the items in the closet attached to them, are reflective of my needs and tastes than ever before. Spring 2018 was a time of realization, where I felt fulfilled to see a decrease in numbers and recognized my potential to create an even happier closet. In the last year, I consciously purchased items to achieve that, ironically again, without an awareness for fluctuations or living with less in certain categories. I wish I had a more profound thought to conclude this arc but I don't - so the story shall continue again in a year.

I know some of you came along with me on this journey and counted the items in your closet. Are you still with me after three years?



Dreamer, 26

Vancouver, BC, Canada



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