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Shopping Ban || Embarking on a New Journey

Tomorrow is the first of day of June, and while a random time of the year for many, it marks the first month of me being a 'real adult' after graduating from UBC as well as since turning 23 years-old. After spending lots of money this month for my move and another few hundred more with my parents visiting from Japan, I decided it was time to embark on a journey. Not a fun and exciting roadtrip to Kelowna this time, but instead a financial journey where I reflect on my spending habits and cut back on unnecessary expenditures.

I don't remember what subreddit I was on, but I got linked to an interesting read about frugal living a couple of weeks back: Cait Flanders' Shopping Ban. A fellow BC resident went an entire year (and then another) without buying anything new except to replace neccessities. Reading her experience was absolutely inspiring, so I decided to follow into her footsteps for the next three months (so until the end of August), but with a few minor tweaks to her rules which I have outlined below:

  1. No shopping *

  2. No thriftshopping until I count every single piece of clothing in my closet

  3. Monthly budget of $25 for thriftshopping

* As exceptions to rule number one, I am including the following on my approved shopping list:

  • two boardgames

  • a chess set

  • a dormat

  • plants

I am giving myself a small budget to thriftshop because I honestly don't think I can go cold turkey with this one. While not the most healthiest way to relieve stress, roaming through the isles of dingy clothes and gadgets is still one of my favourite ways to pass time. It also gives me a small leeway to "add" things to my approved shopping list, if I realize I need a few more things around the apartment (I'm still in the process of settling in!) In regards to my approved shopping list, I have a few game nights in planning and am in need of some fun boardgames to play. A chess set is probably not a neccessity, but this was also once a hobby of mine that I've wanted to revisit now that I have more free time. A doormat is an absolute must, especially if I plan to have people over more frequently. As per plants, I am in search for some Devil's Ivy to brighten up my bathroom.

Why not commit to a whole year? The short answer is this: I don't think that I can and it would already be a huge accomplishment if I can go for three months. The long response would be a whirlwind of thoughts on my transition into minimalism. I'll expand on that another day.

Will anyone be participating in the shopping ban with me?



Dreamer, 26

Vancouver, BC, Canada



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